SecureCTask: Secure Tasking over Untrusted Third-Party Cloud Servers

SecureCTask framework aims to perform tasks on the encrypted data in an outsourced environment, preserving the security and privacy of the data. Today, it is a common practice to outsource small as well as large-scale data storage and computing tasks to the third-party high-performance computing servers such as cloud data centers. Online editing tools GoogleDoc, storage avenues Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive, PDF merge tool, and email service Gmail and Yahoo are examples of outsourcing the tasks. These solutions deliver highly scalable and virtualized resources to efficiently perform the required services; however, since these third-party service providers can often be untrustworthy, their use brings in serious security and privacy concerns. In this project, we aim to peform secure cloud-based computations. We call our framework SecureCTask, in general; which we instantiate for various tasks such as image enhancement (SecureCEnhance), document editing (SecureCEdit), PDF merging (SecureCMerge), PDF searching (SecureCSearch) and data deduplication (SecureCDedup).

SecureCTask Framework

People: Pradeep Atrey, Priyanka Singh, Shashank Arora, Ashish Agarwala
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