Dr. Siwei Lyu
Assoc. Professor, CS
Dr. Ming-Ching Chang
Asst. Professor, ECE

External Affiliate Faculty

Dr. Honggang Qi
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr. Yiming Ying
Math Department
U. Albany
Dr. Xiao Bian
Lead Computer Scientist GE Research Center
Dr. Longyin Wen
Computer Scientist
GE Rresearch Center


Andrew Pulver
Ph.D. Student
Shengkun Li
Ph.D. Student
Wenbo Li
Ph.D. Student
Yuezun Li
Ph.D. Student
Yi Wei
Ph.D. Student
Nenghui Song
Ph.D. Student
Lipeng Ke
M.S. Student
Cong Zhang
M.S. Student
Yanbo Fan
Visiting Student


  • Dr. Xing Mei, Post-doc, 2013-2015, first job: SnapChat Inc.
  • Dr. Longyin Wen, Post-doc, 2015-2017, first job: GE Global Research Center.
  • Dr. Xunyu Pan, Ph.D. 2012, first job: tenure tracked Assistant Professor, Frostburg State University, MD.
  • Dr. Amanda Danko, Ph.D. 2015, first job: USAA Research.
  • Dr. Xin Wang, Ph.D. 2016, first job: CoraCloud Inc.
  • Dr. Yueming Yang, Ph.D. 2017, first job: Assistant Professor, College of Mount Holyoke, MA.
  • Xing Zhang, M.S. 2014, first job: Google Inc.
  • Jianting Wen, M.S. 2013. first job: Facebook.