Guidelines for preregistration advisement

for Prof. Berg's advisees


In order to process advisees in a timely fashion, and still make sure that you get good advice, please follow these guidelines for preregistration advisement.

You can either see me during my office hours, or we can do your advisement by email. If my office hours do not fit your schedule, I can often make an appointment at another time. However, since it is the middle of the semester, and everyone is busy, there may be a delay before we can schedule a mutually convenient time.

Unless you have an extraordinary circumstance, I recommend that we do your preregistration by email. That way, I can advise you and give you your Advisement Verification Number (AVN) without your having to take the time to come to my office hours. However, if you have an extraordinary advisement problem, or something that you would rather discuss in person rather than by email, please do see me during my office hours.

  1. Get a copy of your degree audit from the Registrar's Office. This will help you understand where you are in your progress towards graduation. Audits are available online using MyUAlbany (
  2. Using the audit and the undergraduate bulletin, prepare your schedule.
  3. Email your schedule to me ( a week or ten days before your pre-registration. I respond to requests in the order they come, so if you wait until just before your time, you will probably not get your advisement and AVN until after your preregistration time has started.
    I do not prioritize requests of students who waited until the last minute (That would not be fair to people who contacted me in advance). Everyone gets processed in their turn.
  4. When I process your request, I consult your audit, and other materials in your folder. I look at your proposed schedule, and advise any changes that I think you should consider. I will email all of this back to you, along with your AVN.

Last modifed 11/7/05 by G. Berg