Palm OS benchmark Class

The benchmark class is a wrapper class for a benchmark program. It has a virtual method that is used to run the benchmark. The benchmark class keeps track of how long the benchmark actually runs. Each benchmark test is then a derived class whose details are solely devoted to running the benchmark.

benchmark Class

Public Methods:

void runBenchmark() - Runs the benchmark and keeps track of how long it takes.

void setForm(form *theForm) – Set the current form for the benchmark in case the benchmark program needs to display information while it is processing.

char *getDuration() - Returns a character string containing the time elapsed while running the last benchmark. It is a worded description such as "1 Hour, 5 mins, 30.005 sec".

Virtual Method:

virtual void doBenchmark() - This is the method where the inheriting class will actually do the benchmark. It is a private method so that the benchmark cannot be run without the timing information calculated in runBenchmark.