Knowledge Compilation with Fast Response*

PD/PI: Erik Rosenthal, University of New Haven
PI: Neil V. Murray, University at Albany - SUNY
NSF Award Abstract Web Pages:
                  University of New Haven, NSF Award Number IIS-0712752
                  University at Albany - SUNY, NSF Award Number IIS-0712849
NSF Funding Directorate: Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE)    Home Page
NSF Funding Division: Information & Intelligent Systems (IIS)    Home Page
Award Period:   September 15, 2007   →   August 31, 2010

Relevant papers, slides, and technical reports are available for download in pdf format.
A system that compiles propositional knowledge bases into reduced implicate tries is under construction.
Initial development was done by Research Assistant Shilpa Nayak.
Ph.D. student Andrew Matusiewicz has taken over the implementation effort.
Three undergraduate students are participating in the project at UNH:
John Bergan
Kevin Palmer
Melody Johnson
This project is funded under NSF Program
Information and Intelligent Systems: Information Integration and Informatics
  Document number nsf07577.

Webpage last updated on June 2, 2008.

*This project is supported by the National Science Foundation under Awards IIS-0712752 and IIS-0712849.