We recommend if at all possible flying to Albany and then
either taking a taxi to Saratoga Springs or renting a car.
Your travel agent should be able to help you pick the best
way to get a flight to Albany --- in general, it can be
done from many eastern US airports including JFK & La-Guardia
(in NY City), Newark (NJ), Logan (Boston),
Detroit (Wayne County) Metropolitan Airport,
and O'Hare (Chicago).

Click HERE for a detail map of Saratoga Springs around the Inn at Saratoga. The small cross is the Inn.
Click HERE for a map of Saratoga Springs and immediate surroundings. The small cross is the Inn.
Click HERE for a map containing both the Albany Airport and Saratoga Springs.
      (The airport is not obvious; it's north of Albany just below the symbol for Route 7.)
Click HERE for a map showing Saratoga Springs, Albany, and New York City.

TAXIS   (Albany airport to the Inn at Saratoga)

Central Taxi: $35 carload (up to 4 people)

  Central Taxi offers the best price, however their garage 
  is located 20 minutes away. We are very grateful for their
  discount price (others are $45 to $50), so please, if you 
  do call them, recognize that you will have to wait at least
  20 minutes, and be sure it is "Central Taxi" that you are 
  taking. Your consideration is appreciated.

Checker Cab: $45-$50 carload (up to 4 people)

Yellow Cab: $48 carload (up to 4 people)

Capitaland Taxi: $50 carload (up to 4 people)

However, we are also providing some information on trains
and buses if your flights terminate at JFK, La-Guardia,
or Newark NJ.


NY Airport Service is a service which offers shuttles from 
NY Kennedy, NT La-Guardia and NJ Newark airports to the Port 
Authority Bus Terminal or to Penn Station (trains) in Manhattan. 
The shuttle is $13.00 one way, and leaves approximately every
15-30 minutes. Information booths for this service are located 
throughout the airports as well as conveniently near the baggage
claim areas.

BUS SERVICE - From: Port Authority Bus Terminal (Trailways Bus Line)
-----------   Roundtrip to Saratoga Springs: $55.00

Depart  Arrive    
Port.   Saratoga  Days
------- --------  ----    
1:00am	4:55am    Daily
7:00am	10:55am   Daily
8:30am	12:40pm   Daily
10:30am	2:30pm    Daily
11:30am	3:30pm    Daily
12:30pm	5:00pm    Daily
1:30pm	5:45pm    Daily
2:00pm  6:25pm    Daily
2:30pm	8:15pm    F,Sun
4:30pm	8:15pm    Daily
5:00pm	9:30pm    F,Sun
5:30pm	9:30pm    Daily
7:45pm	11:50pm   F,Sun
8:00pm	11:50pm   Daily
9:30pm	12:45am   F,Sun
11:00pm	2:00am	  Daily


You must take one train to Albany/Rensselaer, then switch
to a different train to Saratoga. The schedules are below:

From: Penn Station 
To: Albany - $70
Depart       Arrive       
             Albany/       Days
NY Penn      Rensselaer
-------      ------        ----
7:10am       9:45am        Daily
7:50am      10:30am        Daily
9:55am      12:30pm        Daily
11:55am      2:30pm        Daily
1:55pm       4:30pm        M-F
2:55pm       5:30pm        Daily
3:55pm       6:30pm        Daily
4:30pm       6:55pm        M-F
5:40pm       8:05pm        Daily
7:10pm       9:45pm        M-F
7:55pm      10:25pm        Sat & Sun
8:45pm      11:20pm        Sat & Sun
11:35pm      2:00am        Sat & Sun
From: Albany Station 
To: Saratoga - $20
Depart       Arrive      
Albany/                    Days 
Rensselaer   Saratoga
------       --------      ----
9:55am       10:56am       Daily
10:50am      11:39am       Daily
6:40pm       7:31pm        M,T,W,Th
8:20pm       9:11pm        Sun,Th,F