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Drop inQuestion/Answer review: Wed 5/9, LI-99 8:00-11:00AM
Last HW due Wednesday 5/9: get papers to TAs or prof by then.

Final (cumulative): Tuesday, May 15, 10:30AM-12:30

(closed book, 2 double sided note sheets and calculator OK)

LC-6(for even ids0,2,4,6,8) and LC-22(for odd ids1,3,5,7,9)

Please watch the Lecture Note pages.  They are updated as the lectures progress.  Current lectures are being covered in two note pages: Sequential Logic and Combinational Logic Refinements.
Homework returns:  Wed. morning tutorial (8:30-10:00, LC-6) and TA office hours afterword.


   Homeworks 2 and later will be due 10:13AM Friday mornings.
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Teaching Assistants:
Minoo Aminian minoo@cs.albany.edu
Mondays 8:30AM-10:00 in LI-95C
Thursdays 8:00AM-10:00 in LI-95C
Wedneday tutorial/hw review/QA session: 8:30AM-10:00 LC-6 (regular lecture room)
Edward (Hong) Zhang  zhangh0@cs.albany.edu
Thursdays, 3:00PM-5:00 in LI-96Q.
Ian MacDonald  ian_m_macdonald@yahoo.com
Mondays and Fridays 1:00PM-3:00 in LI-96Q.
Prof. Chaiken  sdc@cs.albany.edu
Tues, Thurs, Fridays 2:30-3:34PM LI-96H
(and right after class)

Lecture Notes and Assignments by topic:

  1. Announcement, Syllabus, Homework 1 (.ps) (.pdf)
  2. Combinational Logic: motivations, definitions and application(Lectures 01-05)
  3. Sequential Logic: Introduction, Examples in terms of gates.(Lectures 06-09)
  4. Homework 2 Assigned 2/2. Due 2/9. (.ps)  (.pdf)
  5.  Homework 3 Assigned 2/9 Due 2/16(.ps) (.pdf)
  6.  Combinational Logic and Karnaugh map Refinements (Lectures 9-10 or 11)
  7.  Homework 4 Assigned 2/23 Due 3/9(.ps)   (.pdf)
  8.  Homework 5 (posted 3/6) Assigned 3/9 Due 3/16(.ps)  (.pdf)
  9.  Computer Architecture of Mano's Basic Computer (current Lectures)
  10.  Homework 6 Due 3/23 (posted 3/12)(.ps)  (.pdf)
  11.  Homework 5 answers (jpeg images)
  12.  Homework 7 Due 3/30 (posted 3/19)(.ps)  (.pdf)
  13.  Homework 6 answers (jpeg images)
  14.  Input and Output Topic 5 (Current Lectures)
  15.  Homework 7 Answers (.jpg images)
  16.  Homework 8 (one programming problem) Due Monday, 4/23 (.ps)    (.pdf)
  17.  Pipelined CPU Topic
  18.  Homework 9 Due Wed, 5/2 (.ps)   (.pdf)
  19.  Homework 10 Due Mon, 5/7 (.ps)  (.pdf)
  20. Cool information about DRAM (fast page mode, EDO, etc) chips, SDRAM chips and their performance from IBM:
  21.  Memory system (cache) Topic Lecture Notes
  22.  Homework 9 Answers (jpeg images)
  23.  Homework 10 All graded problem answers(.ps)   (.pdf)

All the HW 10 graded problem answers are now done!


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Old News

HW1 due date delayed to 10:13AM Friday, 2/2, so Karnagh maps can be covered on Wed, before the HW is due.
 Sample midterm 1 exam(.ps)  (.pdf)
Exam 1 syllabus:  All practice and graded problems from hw1-3, handouts, and material covered in lectures up to 2/14.
Exam conditions:  CLOSED BOOK with one sheet of notes.  Questions on design and analysis procedures plus conceptual questions.  Some 2001 topics are not on the sample exam, and some 1997 exam topics will not be covered in the 2001 midterm 1.
Homework 6 assignment typo:  Problem 4b: Explain how to change Table 5-6. [NOT change Table 5-2]
 Exam 1 Score distribution(.ps)
Statistics:Median=58,  75%ile=72,  25%ile=45.
Estimated letter grades: 90+:A; 85-90:A-; 70-85:B-,B,B+ range; 50-70:C-,C,C+range; 40's:D if no improvement;<40: wrong major or course (failure likely)

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