Disc. Math. and CS Day at Albany

Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science Day (DMCSD) - Final Announcement

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University at Albany (SUNY)

Albany, NY

Saturday, September 28, 2002

Speakers:  (FULL SCHEDULE)
(10:00) Dan Willard (University at Albany, SUNY)  Generalizations and Some Exceptions for the Second Incompleteness Theorem
(10:45) Louis J. Billera (Cornell University) From Descents to Peaks: An Alpine View of Enumeration in Hyperplane Arrangements
(2:00)  Santosh Vempala (MIT) Random Walks and Geometric Algorithms
(2:45) Doron Zeilberger  (Rutgers University)  Enumeration Schemes
(4:15)  Laura Anderson  (SUNY Binghamton)  Recent Progress on Matroid Bundles
(5:00) Gregory Warrington  (UMASS, Amherst) Towards pictures of Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials

The meeting will begin at 9:00 AM (first talk at 10:00 AM) and continue through 5:30 PM. There will be two one-hour talks and four one-half hour talks. Posters may be presented from 9:00 A.M through 5:00 P.M. For information updates, refer to our web page http://www.cs.albany.edu/~sdc/DMCSD

There is no registration fee but optional preregistration (via email to Seth Chaiken sdc@cs.albany.edu  if you think you might attend) is available.

Attention Students and Advisors:  Additional funding to support out of town student attendance is available.  Please preregister so we can keep you informed and estimate attendance.

Location:  Campus Center Second Floor: Assembly Hall(lectures) and Fireside Lounge(snacks and posters)

Directions: From the West or from Thruway I-87 exit 24: Take I-90 eastbound exit 2, cross Washington Ave. straight onto the campus. From the East along I-90: Take Exit 2, left onto Fuller Road, left after underpass onto Washington Ave, then right onto the campus. Details

After entering the campus from Washington Ave., turn left, continue past the big circle, turn right for the Campus Center Visitor's lot just past the end of the construction but before the new Fine Arts and Sculpture building.

Click here for accomodation information and links to other transportation information.  Consult  us  for further assistance.

Local Organizers: 
Seth Chaiken 
Cristian Lenart 
S.S. Ravi 
Ganesh Ramesh 
Regional Committee: 
Mike Albertson of Smith College 
Seth Chaiken of University at Albany (SUNY) 
Karen Collins of Wesleyan University 
Rosa Orellana of Dartmouth College 
Frank Sottile at UMASS, Amherst 
Ann Trenk of Wellesley College 
Supported by the Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Office of the Vice-President for Research at the University at Albany, the National Security Agency and NFS Career grant DMS-0134860.

As many of you know, the series of CoNE conferences came to an end after 9 years.  What you may not know is that a new series of regional meetings in combinatorics is in progress here in the North East, but with a different format.  There will be 2 or 3 meetings a year on a Saturday at different venues in the region.  The first meeting  was at University of Massachusetts in Amherst on October 12, 2001, the second was at Dartmouth College on May 11, 2002 and now the third will be at the University at Albany on September 28, 2002. We hope to see you at this and future meetings!

External funding to defray expenses of host institutions is now available. Please get in touch with any of us if you wish to host a future meeting in the series.

The Regional Committee