Tomek Strzalkowski, Ph.D. (Simon Fraser University, 1986)


Associate Professor, Computer Science, SUNY Albany

LI-96A, 1400 Washington Ave, Albany NY 12222


Director, Institute for Informatics, Logics & Security Studies

SS-262B, 1400 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12222


Phone:     +518-442-2608

Fax:         +518-442-2606


My research interests are in natural language processing (NLP) and information processing and retrieval (IR). I have been doing work in the following areas:

¨     Computational Linguistics: robust text processing, information extraction, fast parsing, semantic analysis and discourse processing.

¨     Information Retrieval: automated indexing, linguistic indexing, topic detection and tracking, spoken language filtering and retrieval, cross-lingual retrieval, interactive IR.

¨     Automated Summarization: automated abstracting, multi-document summarization.

¨     Open-Domain Question-Answering: automated question answering from unstructured data.

¨     Interactive Dialogue Systems: dialogue modeling, spoken-language dialogues, human-machine conversation, semantics of automated dialogue, automated call centers.

¨     Knowledge Acquisition: corpus analysis, text mining, machine learning.

¨     Logic Programming: Logic grammars, reversible grammars.

¨     Artificial Intelligence: meaning representation.


Current Projects

¨     Institute for Informatics, Logics & Security Studies (ILS). I’m co-director (with Neil Murray) of this cross-disciplinary institute devoted to research and education in computational informatics. ILS is also home of the Natural Language Information Processing Laboratory. More detailed information on some of the projects below can be found at NLIP lab website.

¨     HITIQA: High-Quality Interactive Question Answering. This 2-year project is the first phase of the AQUAINT Program sponsored by the Advanced Research & Development Activity (ARDA). We are developing automated question-answering technology to assist intelligence analyst daily activities.

¨     AMITIES: Automated Multilingual Interaction with Information and Services. This multi-year project is funded jointly by the European Commission and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Along with other partners of the trans-Atlantic consortium, we are developing automated multilingual call center applications through cutting-edge research into speech and natural language processing. ILS partners on AMITIES include University of Sheffield, CNRS-LIMSI, Duke University, VECSYS and General Electric.

¨     XDoX: Cross-Document Summarizer. This project is a continuation of TIPSTER 3 contract, originally funded by DARPA since 1996, continued under ARDA funding, and since 2000 as a subcontract to GE R&D Center. We are developing automated multi-document summarization applications for intelligence analysts.

¨     Natural Language Information Retrieval. This project started in 1992 at New York University has developed techniques for improving text indexing and retrieval using natural language processing techniques. Many organizations participated in this effort, including NYU, GE CR&D, Rutgers, University of Pennsylvania, SRI, University of Helsinki, SICS, and Lockheed Martin.

¨     Document Understanding Conference (DUC). This is an annual formal evaluation conference for text summarization. Sponsored by NIST and DARPA as part of the TIDES Program.



In Fall 2002 I’m teaching the following graduate course:

¨     CSI 660 Information Retrieval

o       Thursday 1:00pm4:00pm

o       East Seminar Room, CETL


Some Interesting Links

¨     ARDA: Advanced Research & Development Activity

¨     DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

¨     Text Retrieval Conference (TREC)

¨     Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)

¨     Princeton’s WordNet Lexical Database

¨     Chinese-English on-line dictionary

¨     WebCT Albany homepage

¨     SMART Information Retrieval System

¨     Human-Computer Conversation


Selected Publications

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Last Updated: August 3, 2002