Encrypted domain processing of big multimedia data over cloud

These days resource intensive tasks such as storage and processing of huge amount of data (in applications like video surveillance, social networks and e-health) are being delegated to Cloud Data Centers (CDCs). However, since CDCs are generally third party entities, there is always a risk of data security and privacy. We propose to encrypt the data before sending to the cloud. To overcome the problem of processing the encrypted data over cloud, we employ cryptographic secret sharing technique which possesses homomorphism property and allows encrypted domain processing of data over cloud. We are examining the suitability of the proposed framework for encrypted domain processing to surveillance videos quality improvement for forensics investigation and to 3D medical images for remote visualization via cloud. We believe that this framework can be used in many other applications which require processing/storing the data over cloud in a secure and private manner.

People: Pradeep Atrey, Priyanka Singh