CSI 424/524: Information Security (Fall 2016)

Note: This is a preliminary version of the syllabus!

Course Information

Tuesday/Thursday 4:15pm-5:35pm
BB 213
Amir Masoumzadeh
Office Location
Office Hours
Monday 4pm-6pm
amasoumzadeh [at] albany [dot] edu (include "CSI424" or "CSI524" in the subject of your email)
Basic knowledge of networking, operating systems, algorithms, and descrete math (set theory, functions, ...) are expected. Some assignments and possibly the project involves programming.
[Bishop] Matt Bishop, "Introduction to Computer Security," Addison-Wesley Professional




The schedule will be regularly updated during the course of the semester. It is your responsibility to review the schedule regularly.

Date Topic Reading Assignment
Aug. 30 Overview of informaion security [Bishop] Ch. 1
Sep. 1 Design principles [Bishop] Ch. 12
Sep. 6 Cryptography [Bishop] Ch. 8
Sep. 8 Key management [Bishop] Ch. 9
Sep. 13 Cipher techniques [Bishop] Ch. 10
Sep. 15 Lab 1
Sep. 20 Authentication [Bishop] Ch. 11
Sep. 22 Identity [Bishop] Ch. 13
Sep. 27 Access Control Matrix [Bishop] Ch. 2
Sep. 29 Access Control Matrix - continued [Bishop] Ch. 3
Oct. 4 Access Control Mechanisms [Bishop] Ch. 5
Oct. 6 Lab 2
Oct. 11 No Class (Yom Kippur Break)
Oct. 13 Security Policies [Bishop] Ch. 4
Oct. 18 Confidentiality Policies [Bishop] Ch. 5
Oct. 20 Integrity Policies [Bishop] Ch. 6
Oct. 25 Hybrid Policies [Bishop] Ch. 7
Oct. 27 Lab 3
Nov. 1
Nov. 3
Nov. 8 Midterm Exam
Nov. 10 Information Privacy TBD
Nov. 15 Data Anonymization TBD
Nov. 17 Malicious Logic [Bishop] Ch. 19
Nov. 22 Intrusion Detection [Bishop] Ch. 22
Nov. 24 No Class (Thanksgiving Break)
Nov. 29 Deinal of Service Attacks TBD
Dec. 1 Firewalls TBD
Dec. 6 Final Project Presentations
Dec. 8 Final Project Presentations