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Siwei Lyu, Ph.D. [CV] [Google Scholar] [DBLP]

Professor, Department of Computer Science
Director, Computer Vision and Machine Learning Lab
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
University at Albany, State University of New York
Phone: (518) 437-4938
Email: slyu AT albany DOT edu
Office: UAB413, 1215 Western Avenue, Albany, NY12222

Media Coverage
  • I was interviewed by Japanese TV Channel NHK's Koukusai Houdou (国際報道) for our work on DeepFake detection [Link].
  • (02/24/2020) I was featured in Episode 6 of the PBS Documentary "Fake: Searching for Truth in the Age of Misinformation" [Link].
  • (01/28/2020) I presented and spoke as a panelist at the FTC workshop on voice cloning technologies [Link].
  • (01/08/2020) TV Interview on Fox News about Facebooks's new policy on DeepFakes [Link].
  • (10/04/2019) Voice Interview on WHYY The Pulse [Link].
  • (09/26/2019) Testimony at the US House of Representative Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Subcommittee on Oversights and Investigation Hearing on "Online Imposter and Disinformation" [Link].
  • (07/11/2019) Voice Interview on Brooklyn Eagles [Link].
  • (06/02/2019) TV Interview on Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson [Link], and a nice article by Sharyl [Link].
  • (05/13/2019) TV Interview on Fox News [Link].
  • (03/11/2019) Video Comment on Al Jazeera English [Link].
  • (02/14/2019) Voice Interview on O'Reily's Data Show Podcast [Link].
  • (02/01/2019) TV Interview on Univision (Spanish TV channel in the US) [Link].
  • (11/23/2018) TV interview on VPRO (Dutch TV Program) [Link].
  • (09/23/2018) Voice Interview on Data Data Skeptic Podcast [Link].
  • (06/28/2018) TV Interview on Spectrum News [Link].
  • (02/18/2018) Voice Interview on Science Friday with Ira Flatlow [Link].
Our work on Digital Media Forensics has also been covered over 50 times in international and national news, including Washington Post [Link], Inverse [Link], VentureBeat [Link], Wired Magazine UK [Link], IEEE Spectrum [Link] Washington Post [Link] Times Union [Link], USA Today [Link][Link], Chinese Central TV (CCTV) [Link], Deseret News [Link], The Register [Link], The MIT Technology Review [Link], CNN Money [Link], Wired Magazine [Link], Brookings Institute Blog [Link], El Pais (Spanish Newspaper) [Link], O Globo (Brazilian News) [Link], iNews (British News website) [Link], and many others.

I have also written articles for media introducing our work to the general public.
  • (08/03/2019) I gave an invited talk at DEF CON27 on the rise and detection of DeepFakes. [Link]
  • (06/25/2019) Article on The Conversation on Detection and Protection against DeepFakes [Link].
  • (10/25/2018) Article on The Conversation on Detecting DeepFakes by the Lack of Eye BLinking [Link].