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Siwei Lyu, Ph.D. [CV] [Google Scholar] [DBLP]

Professor, Department of Computer Science
Director, Computer Vision and Machine Learning Lab
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
University at Albany, State University of New York
Phone: (518) 437-4938
Email: slyu AT albany DOT edu
Office: UAB413, 1215 Western Avenue, Albany, NY12222

Digital Media Forensics
  • Exposing DeepFakes: DeepFakes are AI-synthesized face images/videos. We develop detection methods of DeepFakes.
    Publications: [ICMEW20], [CVPR20], [CVPRW19B], [CVPRW19A], [IH19B], [ICASSP19A], [IH19A], [WIFS18], See also the Media Coverage of our work on DeepFake Forensics, and the DeepFake evaluation dataset Celeb-DF [link].
  • Region Splicing Detection: Region splicing is a common image forgery operation. We developed several effective techniques for the detection of region splicing in images using blind estimation of image noise levels.
    Publications: [WIFS16], [IJCV14], [ICASSP12], [ICCP12], [MMSEC11]
  • Region Copy-move Detection: Region copy-move is another common image forgery operation. we developed the first detection method based on the use of image features.
    Publications: [TIFS10], [ICASSP10B]
  • Detecting Contrast Mapping: Contrast mapping is a very common image processing operation and can be used as an evidence for image tampering. We develop effective methods to estimate contrast mapping from images.
    Publications: [ICPR18A], [TOMM18], [ICIP14A]
  • Audio Forensics: Audios are also subject to manipulations, such as splicing, duplication, and synthesis. We have developed a few methods for detecting tamperings in audio signals.
    Publications: [CVPRW19A], [ICASSP12], [SPIE05]
  • Estimating Lens Vignetting: Lens vignetting is an artifacts due to the curved surface of camera lenses. We developped a method that can estimate the vignetting effect for forensic analysis.
    Publications: [MMSEC10], [ICIP10]
  • Art Forensics: We apply signal and statistical analysis to arts to find different styles in Renaissance paintings.
    Publications: [ARTMATH05], [PNAS04], [IFAR06]
  • CG vs. Photo: Images can be generated using computer graphics software, and it has legal implications in the investigation of child pornography.
    Publications: [SACV03], [SP05]
  • Steganalysis: Steganography is the technique used to hide information in innocuous media. The task of steganalysis is to detect the existance of stegaongraphy in digital images. This work is the receipient of the IEEE Signal Processing Best Paper Award.
    Publications: [SPIE05], [TIFS06], [SPIE04], [IH02]
  • Counter-forensics: Counter forensics aims to remove or hide traces in tampered media to avoid detection. It is useful to identify vulnerabilities of the detection methods.
    Publications: [SCIS18]
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
In robotics, we developed new dynamic Bayesian inference algorithms for robotic perception.
Publications: [IROS18], [HUMANOIDS16], [IROS14], [ICRA15], [RSS14], [ICRA13]
Medical Imaging
We have developed several methods for the applications in medical imaging.
Publications: [MICCAI19], [ISBI19], [SPIE12]