Testing and Maintaining Component-Based Software

Ye Wu and Mei-Hwa Chen


Component-based software development facilitates software reuse along with the promotion of productivity and maintainability. Much work has been proposed for building component-based systems, whereas relatively few studies address the issue of how to test these systems. Although exiting OO testing methods can be used in unit testing, in integration testing and in maintaining evolving component-based systems, additional efforts are necessary. In this paper, we present a technique that utilizes interface and event dependence relationships in testing component-based systems. Moreover, to maintain an evolving component-based system, we propose an effective regression testing technique which combines static as well as dynamic information to guide the selection of the regression test suite. This technique can be used to select a precise regression test suite, yet still preserve the safeness requirement of the regression testing. In summary, it is expected that both techniques can improve the quality of component-based software significantly.