Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE)

Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE)

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The next meeting will be held in Seattle, Washington, USA in 2006.

CADE is the major international forum at which research on all aspects of automated deduction is presented. The first conference was held in 1974. Previous CADEs have been mostly biennial, and annual conferences are planned starting in 1996. CADE Inc. is a subcorporation of the Association of Automated Reasoning.


The bylaws of CADE Inc.

The bylaws (effective Nov. 1, 1996; amended July/August 2000) are available in PDF, PostScript, DVI, and HTML text.
The current bylaws were adopted at the business meeting during CADE-13 in New Brunswick, NJ.
The bylaws stipulate election of Trustees by the ``Single Transferrable Vote'' system.

Election of new Trustees

Nominations for two CADE trustee positions were sought, and Didier Galmiche, Reiner Hähnle, Aaron Stump, Cesare Tinelli, and Toby Walsh, were nominated.

Congratulations to Reiner Hähnle and Cesare Tinelli who have been elected. Thanks go also to the candidates who were not elected for their willingness to serve.

In addition, the proposed amendment of the CADE bylaws regarding the election of the CADE president (see AAR Newsletter No. 68, October 2005) did not pass because not enough AAR members voted.

Upcoming and Recent CADEs

IJCAR-2006 will combine CADE, FroCoS, FTP, TABLEAUX, TPHOLs and will be held in Seattle in August 2006.

CADE-22 will be held in Bremen, Germany, in 2007. Workshops will be on July 15 and 16; the main conference will be held July 17-19.

Previous CADEs, IJCARs, and Proceedings

The Herbrand Award for
Distinguished Contributions to Automated Reasoning

CADE Incorporated has established since 1992 the Herbrand Award for Distinguished Contributions to Automated Reasoning, to honor an individual or (a group of) individuals for exceptional contributions to the field of Automated Deduction. Nominations for this award can be made at any time to the president of CADE Inc.

Herbrand Award Recipients


Former Trustees

In addition to the 13 trustees listed above, 19 others have served previously. (Current Trustee Frank Pfenning is also a former Trustee.) The former trustees list includes information about their terms of appointment, elections, and offices held.


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