ICSI-660/445 Theory and Practice of Security and Privacy

2014 Fall Term

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Project Proposal


  • The project should be taken individually.
  • The project can of any one of these two types:
    1. Implementation Project: You need to search for recent papers related to security and privacy to pick one (or few) papers which will be understood, analyzed, implemented (and hopefully improved). Your own novel improvement/extension will be necessary for obtaining the highest grade. The end result of this project is a proper, working prototype of the idea in the paper(s).
    2. Survey Paper Project: You will choose a specific topic to do the survey. The end result would be a very technical survey paper like the ones appearing in ACM Computing Surveys journal. For the highest grade, it will be necessary to propose some novel algorithm/technique or do an implementation of several techniques for a proper comparison.
    In either case, it is expected that the output is a masters level technical project.


    Prepare a one or two page(s) proposal that contains:


    The completed proposal is due 11:59 pm on September 22, 2014.

    Submission procedure:

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    Project Interim Report

    Final Project Submission

  • Due on: December 8, 12:00 noon.
  • The evaluation components for the project will be as follows- Originality and Novelty: 20%, Technical Soundness and Completeness: 50%, Readability and Organization: 15%, Demo and Presentation: 15%.


    Each project should result in a detailed written technical report. The report should be self-contained, clear and readable. Therefore, you should include adequate references and/or background material. You should make use of appropriate diagrams, graphs, figures and code fragments to enhance the readers' comprehension of your project. The following format is suggested but you do not have to follow it exactly:

    1. Abstract: It comes first in your report but you should write it last.
    2. Introduction: include motivation, background material, discussion on the scope as well as the limitations of your project.
    3. Main body: this is really the core of your project -- it should fully discuss the work you have done.
      1. Implementation Project: You will first describe the technique/methodology proposed in the targeted paper. Then you will provide the implementation details, results and analysis whether your results are in concurrence with the results reported in the paper.
      2. Survey Paper Project: You will provide a detail survey of the topic from different perspectives. A detailed synthesis of the past works is required. You will then identify the gaps in research on the topic and provide your recommendations especially for future work and unsolved problems. Please refer to an article from ACM Computing Surveys journal as a sample.
    4. Your novel contribution: some improvement on the current paper (for implementation project) or any novel idea/algorithm for solving any one of the unsolved issues (for surver project).
    5. Conclusions
    6. References
    7. Appendices: optionally for any supporting material.
    Note: plagiarism is stealing or passing off somebody else's ideas or words as one's own -- using material without crediting the source. This is not allowed. Copying even a single sentence from the web or other sources will be treated as plagiarism.

    Report Format:

    The format should be as follows:

    1. Implementation project: You are encouraged to study the guidelines for experimental papers in the Machine Learning journal. Note that some of the machine learning specific points may not apply to your project.
    2. Survey paper project: You should adopt the ACM Computing Surveys conventions. Read the editorial charter. You are highly encouraged to look at any paper in any issue of that journal for a sample. This journal is available electronically through the UW Digital Library.
    3. The actual paper format to be used would be the ACM Style found here.


    Prepare the final project submission package that contains:

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