ICSI-660/445 Theory and Practice of Security and Privacy

2014 Fall Term

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List of potential projects

Implementation Projects:
  1. A Block Cipher based Pseudo Random Number Generator Secure Against Side-Channel Key Recovery
  2. A Strict Evaluation Method on the Number of Conditions for the SHA-1 Collision Search
  3. Detecting Relay Attacks with Timing-Based Protocols
  4. Exploiting Social Networks for Threshold Signing: Attack-resilience vs. Availability
  5. Keystroke Statistical Learning Model for Web Authentication
  6. Multiple Password Interference in Text Passwords and Click-Based Graphical Passwords
  7. Mutual Authentication in RFID
  8. Source Camera Identification by JPEG Compression Statistics for Image Forensics
  9. Power Efficiency Analysis of Multimedia
  10. Feature Selection in Source Camera Identification
  1. A Flexible Method of Privacy Preserving Clustering
  2. Anonymous User Communication for Privacy Protection in Wireless Metropolitan Mesh Networks
  3. Biometric Systems: Privacy and Secrecy Aspects
  4. Privacy Protection of Fingerprint Database using Lossless Data Hiding

Survey Projects:
  1. Smart card security
  2. Privacy issues in electronic health records
  3. Security and privacy issues in RFID systems
  4. Video watermarking
  5. Digital right management
  6. Graphical passwords
  7. Biometrics: Security and privacy aspects
  8. Video surveillance and privacy
  9. Digital signatures
  10. Security and privacy issues in electronic communications
  11. Security and privacy in social media.
  12. Cloud security.