ICSI-660/445 Theory and Practice of Security and Privacy

2014 Fall Term

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List of approved term papers

  1. Samarth Shah - Signing Me onto Your Accounts through Facebook and Google: a Traffic-Guided Security Study of Commercially Deployed Single-Sign-On Web Services
  2. Ashish Agarwala - Heartbleed: How Did It Escape Detection For So Long?
  3. Summit Hotwani - A Tool to Analyze Potential I/O Attacks against PCs
  4. Dhiraj Tanwar - Leaking Sensitive Information in Complex Document Files—and How to Prevent It
  5. Jeel Patel - Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructures : Attack and Defense Modeling
  6. Kushagra Sharma - Persuasive Cued Click-Points: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Knowledge-Based Authentication Mechanism