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Video about reality confronting a model.

It is not our job to make our computers easier for you to use.  It is our job to teach the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enable you to make computers easier to use by others.   --inspired by John F. Kennedy

...And we hope some of the best of you will take on our job and do the same for your students.

Link to an interesting dissertation that concludes that user interfaces that make things easier actually cause people not to learn enough to use them effectively: "The paradox of the guided user: assistance can be counter-effective" by Christof van Nimwegen, 31 maart 2008 published by SIKS, the Dutch (

Research School for Information and Knowledge Systems, Dissertation Series No. 2008-09

Resources for Ph.D. Students in Computer Science

Resources for anybody

  1. 25_Colleges_and_Universities_Ranked_by_Their_OpenCourseWare.html
  2. XHTML Reference
  3. Nice looking website about object oriented design, including patterns
  4. Introduction and advanced usage of the Gnu/Linux/Unix command line, utilities, shell scripting, etc
  5. TUTORING HOURS for CS (and other CCI) undergrad courses.
  6. Directory of Video/Computer Game Courses, to find out how to learn about making Games.
  7. School of Web Craft
  9. C programming:
    1. Take/audit UAlbany's ICSI333 course.
    2. If you've done a little programming in C, read about the concepts and language rules you need to know in Harbison and Steele's wonderful book C: A Reference Manual
    3. If you really are having trouble with network sockets programming in C, study one of the many Web tutorials or Johnson and Troan's book Linux Application Programming together with tutorial or reference material on C structures, pointers, dereferencing operators * and ->, address-of operator & as your find these mysterious symbols in the socket's tutorial code.
  10. Cool doodles expressing recursion by Vi Hart, Khan Academy

    Math Doodles site

Recent Teaching (always under construction until ??)

Looking for a job or internship in the Capital Region? Use this LIST of Companies and other units that do computer, information and other technology nearby. Links to their websites are included! Want to "Network" with Capital Region Software People? Check out the "Fiesta's" this organization sponsors.