NRDZ Partnership and Workshop Series

Catalyzing Coexistence via the National Radio Dynamic Zone
September 9-11, 2024
Green Bank Observatory, West Virginia, US

The Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope is the largest fully steerable telescope in the world, located at the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia. (Image credit: GBO/AUI/NSF)

Join us for the capstone event of the NSF-supported NRDZ Partnership and Workshop Series. The event will be held in-person at the historic Green Bank Observatory in the heart of West Virginia. The observatory houses the world's largest fully-steerable radio telescope. It is also within the United States National Radio Quiet Zone, where policy-making and technology come together to ensure interference-free astronomical observations.

The goal of this even is to continue to conceptualize the NRDZ as a nation-scale testbed for spectrum coexistence research, while immersing in the instrumentation and capabilities of one of the key spectrum stakeholders -- the scientific users. As a bonus, participants will experience the stunning West Virginia foliage.

Prospective participantsProspective participants are invited to submit a short abstract (maximum of one page) outlining their recent research activities, results, and/or demonstration concepts relevant to spectrum sharing and coexistence. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to register to attend the event. Travel grants will be provided through the generous support of the National Science Foundation. The event attendance will be limited to 50 participants due to space constraints at the venue. More information and abstract submission instructions can be found on the CFP page.

Meeting organizers

group This event is supported by NSF grant OSI-2322875.