NOVEMBER 10, 2020. 4:00-6:00PM EST.

All times listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

4:00-4:10 - Welcome and overview of the Research Partnership goals and outcomes.
    Mariya Zheleva and Chris Anderson
4:10-4:30 - Thoughts from NSF
    Alex Sprintson and B. Ashley Zauderer
4:30-5:10 - Short keynotes and QnA
5:10-5:40 - Lightning talks from NRDZ award recipients
    Speakers will be asked to talk about their vision of NRDZs, their research investigations related to NRDZs and their opinion on what should the Research Partnership pursue.
5:40-6:00 - Moving forward – general discussion of activities
    • Workshops -- potential tracks and working groups. Potential focus areas include (1) theory and algorithms, (2) sensors and devices, (3) platforms and architectures, (4) signal processing, (5) data analytics, (6) passive user protection, (7) passive/active applications and (8) regulatory issues.
    • Technical deep-dive format