NRDZ Partnership -- Workshop #1

Passive/Active communities working together: Understanding each other's needs, concerns, and capabilities

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March 16 and 17, 2021.
Virtually via Zoom (Zoom access information will be provided to registered attendees).
More information about the NRDZ pertnership can be found on our webpage.

Scope and Goal: National Radio Dynamic Zones (NRDZ) are being advocated for as a means to advance the state of wireless communications and to support the design of next generation wireless networks with practical, real-world, regional test sites. The utility of the radio spectrum depends on the harmonious coexistence of active communications systems, passive scientific systems, and orbital remote sensing systems. Coexistence is currently handled through manual interference deconfliction, quiet zones, or innovation zones, and essentially reflect a static configuration of the spectrum. NRDZ's have the potential to provide a geographically bounded region where innovative transmitters and receivers can operate in such a way as to protect passive and existing users, while simultaneously supporting dynamic use of the radio spectrum by experimental devices.

The goal of this workshop is to explore the technical challenges of providing interference protection to passive users while allowing comprehensive active use of the spectrum inside the NRDZ.


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group The workshop series is supported by NSF.