Course information:

What: ICSI416/516 Computer Communication Networks
When/Where: MW 04:15PM-05:35PM in BBB010
Class email and discussion: ICSI416/516 Blackboard page
Prerequisites: Course prerequisites include CSI402 and MAT 367 (or equivalent). Students taking this class should have strong programming and Linux/Shell skills.

Description: This course will cover fundamentals in computer communicaiton networks as well as some state-of-the-art advancements in the field. We will begin with topics in wired networks including Internet applications, transport and routing protocols, data link layer communications and Internet stability. We will then survey recent advances in applications (such as content-delivery networks), congestion control and wireless technologies. The students will have the opportunity to apply their understanding of networking fundamentals while working on hands-on programming assignments, packet trace analysis and an Internet measurement project. Graduate students will gain experience in efficient reading and understanding of technical papers.

Textbooks: All the required reading for this class is based on Kurose and Ross, Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet, 6th edition. Graduate students will also be assigned research papers.


Grading policy:
Grading Item Undergraduates Graduates
Class participation 5% 5%
  • HW1 -- Internet architecture.
  • HW2 -- Applications.
  • HW3 -- Transport.
  • HW4 -- Routing. IP.
  • HW5 -- Data Link Layer.
25% 20%
Project 1 (Reliable UDP) 10% 5%
Project 2 (PlanetLab Internet stability) 5% 15%
Project 3 (Wireshark trace analysis) 10% 10%
Midterm exam (In class. Closed book, closed notes.) 15% (Based on textbook.) 15% (Based on textbook and papers.)
Final exam (Cumulative. On 5/6, 3:30-5:30PM in BBB010. Closed books, closed notes.) 30% (Based on textbook) 30% (Based on textbook and papers.)

Class Participation: I expect you to attend every class. If you miss a couple of classes this will affect your grade. I also expect active participation in in-class discussion; if you attend class but do not participate, you will not receive the full class participation credit. To prepare for these discussions, you are highly encouraged to read the assigned reading before coming to class.

Assignments: I do not accept late assignments. All assignments are due by 11:59PM on the due date (unless otherwise specified). Any re-gradiang requests will be considered up to 5 business days after posting the grades for the corresponding assignment. No re-grading after the 5-day period has passed.

Cheating: Cheating is not tolerated. Please, read the university Community Rights and Responsibilities for more information on cheating. Students caught cheating will receive 0 points for the corresponding assignment and will be reported.