Prof. Mariya Zheleva Prof. Mariya Zheleva
Mariya Zheleva is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at University at Albany–SUNY. Her research interests include spectrum measurement and management, architectures and protocols for IoT&T networks, network measurement and evaluation, small autonomous cellular networks and in-situ network deployment, particularly in challengeing areas (e.g. rural Africa and agricultural U.S.).

PhD Students

Vaasu Taneja Vaasu Taneja
E-mail: vtaneja [at] albany [dot] edu
Andrew Okoro Andrew Okoro
E-mail: aokoro [at] albany [dot] edu
Karyn Doke Karyn Doke
E-mail: kdoke [at] albany [dot] edu

Masters Students

Undergraduate Students

Tony Comanzo Tony Comanzo
Undergraduate student in Computer Science
Habib Affinnih Habib Affinnih
Undergraduate student in Computer Science


Wei Xiong Wei Xiong

E-mail: wxiong [at] albany [dot] edu

Nachuan Chengwang Nachuan Chengwang

MS student in Computer Science

Imran Mohammed Imran Mohammed

E-mail: imohammed [at] albany [dot] edu

Francisco Cancedda Francisco Cancedda

E-mail: fcancedda [at] albany [dot] edu

Roshin Cherian (MS, 2018) Roshin Cherian (MS, 2018)

MS Project Title: Making a robust agricultural sensor using Particle Photon.

Arunkumar Odedara (MS, 2017) Arunkumar Odedara (MS, 2017)

MS Project Title: Heterogeneous sensing for high-fidelity spectrum characterization.

Stuti Misra (BS, 2017) Stuti Misra (BS, 2017)

Awards and honors: Chancellors award for student excelence
Presidential award for undergraduate research

Honors Thesis: High-Fidelity Spectrum Characterization with Low-Cost Sensors.
NOW: Software engineer at Amazon

Timothy Larock (BS, 2016) Timothy Larock (BS, 2016)

Awards and honors: Presidential award for undergraduate research

Honors Thesis: Wireless Frequency Spectrum Characterization and Transmitter Detection Using Wavelets.
NOW: Graduate student at Northeastern University

Jason Viviano Jason Viviano

NSF REU fellow

NOW: Big ten summer research opportunity intern at Michigan State

Eman Shah Eman Shah

NSF REU fellow

Omkar Kulkarni Omkar Kulkarni

MS Project: TVWS network analysis


Rashan Smith Rashan Smith
Undergraduate student from Skidmore College.

Summer 2017

Jahvon Smith Jahvon Smith
Undergraduate student from UAlbany.

Fall 2017

Abraham Mitchell Abraham Mitchell
Undergraduate student from UAlbany.

Fall 2017