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Scalable Secret Sharing of Compressed Multimedia

Shreelatha Bhadravati, Pradeep K. Atrey and Majid Khabbazian

Scalable secret video sharing

H.264/SVC video has gained a lot of importance due to the scalability feature it provides. It supports a wide range of transmission bandwidth and devices. The (k, n) SSVS method provides security to H.264 videos while preserving the scalability of the videos. H.264 video is typically characterised by one base layer and multiple enhancement layers. In (k, n) SSVS method, multiple levels of secret sharing is applied to each of the layers in the video. So, when k shares are available, the base layer of the video is reconstructed with reduced number of frames. With more number of shares, the enhancement layers are also reconstructed. With n shares the whole video is reconstructed completely.

Below we give an image representing the SSVS method

Block diagram

Below we show a demo of the SSVS method