Coopetitive Multi-Camera Surveillance using Model Predictive Control
Basic Idea Conceptual Motivation Key Contributions

Practical Implementation
Dual Camera setup

Practical Implementation
Triple Camera Setup
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Worried about "What's that guy doing inside the ATM lobby?" or

"Who left this suspicious object in the walkway?
Why has he left it?".

Well, we might be able to help you!

Basic Idea

CCTVs are becoming increasingly common place but it is practically impossible for anybody to monitor continuously what is happening inside these surveyed premises. Hence we need automated surveillance mechanisms which can understand what is happening in the scene and automatically react to it. Typically, one sensor is not enough to undertake the entire task hence we need multiple sensors which are required to cooperate to collectively perform the surveillance task This brings us to the u se of active, cooperative, mutli-sensor environments.

System_2Camera System_3cam