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Dr. Pradeep K. Atrey's Past News

Past News

  • [12/2018] Prof. Atrey received Plaque of Appreciation on completing 10 years of service on the editorial board of ETRI Journal. Click here for photo.
  • [11/2018]: Prof. Atrey was appointed as Vice Chair (America Region) for the IEEE MMTC Communication Reviews.
  • [02/2018]: Award: Prof. Atrey received Outstanding Service Award for his professional service for the 2017 IEEE SMC Conference. Click here for photo.
  • [02/2018]: Media Coverage: Prof. Atrey was featured in UAlbany News "Protect Yourself: February is Data Privacy Month, a Good Reminder to Check Your Online Security" offering his advice on identity theft protection.
  • [07/2018] UAlbany News: Prof. Atrey and his student Vikram Patil were featured in UAlbany News "A Safer Way to Share Your Location" featuring their recent work on GPS location privacy.
  • [01/2018]: Prof. Atrey was honored as the Chief Guest at the NetSec'18 event conducted at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, where he delivered the valedictory and keynote talk.
  • [08/2017]: Prof. Atrey appeared on the Matt Townsend show of BYU Radio and talked about modern ATM security. Here is the interview.
  • [06/2017]: Prof. Atrey weighs in on security issues and concerns of modern ATMs as they turn fifty. Read his article in The Conversation US.
    [05/2017]: Abukari Yakubu's paper titled "Securing Speech Noise Reduction in Outsourced Environment" (co-authored with N. Maddage and P. K. Atrey) got published at the ACM TOMM.
    [04/2017]: Dr. Atrey's paper titled "Browshing: A new way of phishing using a malicious browser extension", co-authored with G. Varshney and M. Misra (from IIT Roorkee) received the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies (i-PACT 2017), Vellore, India.
    [04/2017]: Media Coverage: Tech journalist John Brandon, quotes Prof. Pradeep Atrey in his article titled "How to deal with the bot crisis on Twitter" published on 04/10/2017 on the CSO. Web link (full article can be accessed by entering 'patrey@albany.edu' in the email address box) here.
    [03/2017]: Dr. Priyanka Singh's paper titled "Secure cloud based image tampering detection and localization using POB number system" (co-authored with B. Raman, N. Agarwal and P. K. Atrey) got accepted at the ACM TOMM.
    [02/2017]: Fox News runs story quoting Pradeep Atrey on Artificial Intelligence and "Fake News". For details, see [link].
    [10/2016]: Dr. Atrey presented a paper titled "SecureCEdit: An approach for secure cloud-based document editing" at the IEEE CNS Workshop on Security and Privacy in the Cloud (SPC'16), Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    [10/2016]: Dr. Atrey delivered a keynote talk (via skype) on "Don't know me, just process me: secure computation in outsourced environment" at the International Conference on Information Technology (InCITe'16), India.
    [10/2016]: Dr. Atrey delivered a keynote talk (via skype) on "Don't know me, just process me: secure computation in outsourced environment" at the International Conference on Advanced Computing and Software Engineering (ICACSE'16), India.
    [09/2016]: Dr. Atrey's two papers received nominations for the ACM TOMM Nicholas Georganas Best Paper Award.
    [09/2016]: Dr. Atrey is appointed to serve on the editorial board on Elsevier Signal Processing: Image Communications Journal.
    [07/2016]: Dr. Atrey visited Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee and delivered a series of research talks.

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