Dr. Pradeep Atrey

Multimedia, Security and Privacy Research Group

- led by Prof. Pradeep K. Atrey

"Multimedia systems and applications such as surveillance, social media and networks, and cloud computing have conflicting goals. How do you balance increasing system capabilities and preserve privacy of users? We seek to achieve this balance by building models and algorithms in the area of multimedia analysis."

"The solution of a problem lies in understanding it."

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Current Collaborators

- Prof. Vivek K Singh, Rutgers University, NJ, USA
- Prof. Dharavath Ramesh, IIT Dhanbad, India
- Prof. Mukesh Saini, IIT Ropar, India
- Prof. Priyanka Singh, DAIICT Gandhi Nagar, India

Former Collaborators

- Prof. Mohan Kankanhalli, National University of Singapore
- Prof. Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, University of Ottawa
- Prof. Wei Tsang Ooi, National University of Singapore
- Prof. Balasubramanian Raman, Indian Institute of Technology at Roorkee, India
- Dr. Namunu Maddage, University of Melbourne, Australia
- Prof. Sharad Mehrotra, University of California at Irvine, USA
- Prof. Majid Khabbazian, University of Alberta
- Prof. Ramesh Jain, University of California at Irvine, USA
- Prof. John Oommen, Carleton University, Ottawa
- Prof. K R Ramakrishnan, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
- Prof. Sheela Ramanna, University of Winnipeg
- Prof. Jonathan Wu, University of Windsor
- Prof. Weiqi Yan, Auckland University, New Zealand
- Prof. Shervin Shirmohamadi, University of Ottawa
- Prof. Md. Anwar Hossain, King Saud University
- Dr. Gaurav Bhatnagar, Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur
- Dr. Xiangu Wang, National University of Singapore
- Prof. Manoj Mishra, Indian Institute of Technology at Roorkee, India
- Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty, University of Auckland, New Zealand
- Meet Shah, Microsoft, USA

Current Students

@ University at Albany, SUNY:
- Shashank Arora (PhD) [Secure document editing over cloud]
- Oguz Aranay [Deep active genetic with evidential uncertainty for agriculture crops and water quality assessment]
- Omkar Kulkarni (PhD) [Gaze Uniformity in Group Photos: An Asthetic Perspective]
- Shivam Parikh (PhD) [Fake news detection]
- Vikram Patil (PhD) [Secure GPS data processing for location based services]

Former Students

Postdoctoral Researchers:

- Priyanka Singh (2017) (Presently - Assistant Professor at DAIICT Gandhi Nagar, India)

PhD Students:

- Shashank Arora (PhD, 2022), Frameworks for secure collaborative and concurrent editing.
- Oguz Aranay (PhD, 2022), Deep active genetic with evidential uncertainty for agriculture crops and water quality assessment. (Presently - Faculty at University of Kirkuk, Iraq).
- Yan Hu (PhD, 2019), Efficient algorithms for mining healthcare data (Worked with me during last 6 months after her thesis adviser moved to other university). (Presently - Associate Director-Data Science, Advanced Analytics at Novo Nordisk, New York, USA).
- Gaurav Varshney (PhD, 2019) (Visiting Student from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, September 2015-Feburary 2016) [Lightweight phishing detection over web] (Presently - Assistant Professor at IIT Jammu, India)
- Himanshu Agarwal (PhD, 2016) (Visiting PhD Student from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, September 2012 - February 2013) [Digital watermarking] (Presently - Assistant Professor at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida, India)
- Manoranjan Mohanty (PhD, 2014) (Visiting PhD Student from National University of Singapore, January-June 2012) (Secure medical data visualization over cloud) (Presently - Assistant Professor at University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)
- Chidansh Bhatt (PhD, 2012), (Visiting PhD student from NUS, Singapore, November, 2010 - April, 2011) (Multimedia data mining) (Presently - Research Scientist at IBM Research, Yorktown, New York, USA).
- Mukesh Saini (PhD, 2012), (Visiting PhD student from NUS, Singapore, September, 2009 - February, 2010)(Privay-aware video surveillance) (Presently - Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar, India).

MS and Other Students:

@ University at Albany, SUNY:
- Ashutosh Tiwari (UG - Research intern from Virginia Tech, 2022), A study of ransomware attacks.
- Ani Utkin (MS, 2022), Secret sharing of Microsoft Word and Excel files.
- David Chen (MS, 2021), Understanding lightweight features of tweets containing disinformation.
- Gaurav Pandey (High-school intern, 2021), Studying disinformation characteristics.
- John Patrick (UG - UASRP intern, 2021), Ransomware attacks: current trends.
- Ruthvik Arvapally (MS, 2021), Fake news detection mobile application.
- Kalika Bhatia (High-school intern, 2020), Secure GPS data simplification.
- Mahi Tomar (High-school intern, 2020), Machine learning for fake news detection.
- Jeremiah Hsieh (MS, 2020), Vehicle speed detection using the on-board mounted cameras.
- Bhargavi Kamble (MS, 2020), Detecting eye gaze of people in group photos.
- Aaron Fensterer (UG, 2020), Academic data analysis.
- Gaurav Kodwani (MS, 2019), On the security of password-based cryptography.
- Madhuri Shashidhar (MS, 2019), P2P secure document editing framework.
- Saurin Khedia (MS, 2019), Fake tweet detector.
- Ravi Makawana (MS, 2019), Detecting fake content on Twitter.
- Lakshya Srivastava (MS, 2019), Travel mode detection using GPS trajectory data.
- Kevin Tumwa (UG - UASRP intern, 2019), Secure GPS data compression.
- Ashish Agarwala (MS, 2018), Secure data deduplication over cloud.
- Vaikunth Patel (MS, 2018), Faculty profile mining.
- Sumanlata Ghosh (MS, 2018), Secure cloud-based deduplication of text data.
- Sri Krishna Karthik Vellanki (MS, 2018), Spam email detection by data mining techniques.
- Saurabh Kamath (MS< 2018), Students profile mining.
- Ravi Patel (MS, 2018), SecureCGallery mobile app for secure storage of photos on multiple clouds.
- Nilesh Chakraborty (MS, 2018), SecureCMail mobile app for secure emailing.
- Manav Patel (MS, 2018), SecureCMerge mobile app for secure merging of PDF documents.
- Ketul Patel (MS, 2018), PassWala: A secure password manager.
- Emre Ugurlu (MS, 2018), Secure travel mode detection using GPS trajectory data.
- Anand Patel (MS, 2018), Crime data analysis using Twitter data.
- Vinay Gadiraju (MS, 2018), Object superimposition in images.
- Vignesh Manishankar (MS, 2018), Rotation of encrypted images over cloud.
- Vaidyanathan Subramanian (MS, 2018), Security threats in bluetooth low energy devices.
- Akshay Chandra Pasera (MS, 2018), A review of encrypted domain computing of GPS trajectory similarity.
- Nikhil Gangrade (MS, 2018), A web crawler to extract students records.
- Manisha Sharma (MS, 2018), Crime report detection using Twitter data.
- Vineesha Earle (MS, 2018), Fake smile detection using SVM classifier.
- Sparsh Garg (MS, 2018), Vehicle detection and tracking in videos.
- Sai Nandamuri (MS, 2018), Secure deduplication of PDF files over cloud.
- Rahul Singh (MS, 2018), Bank loan fraud detection using blockchain.
- Aditya Kiran Atchutanna (MS, 2018), An approach for secure cloud-based document editing.
- Byron Ramirez (MS, 2018), A tool to visualize personalized flight maps with pictures.
- Chintan Dave (MS, 2018), Hate speech detection on Facebook.
- Ravi Pilla (MS, 2018), Hate speech detection on Twitter.
- Kartaki Patel (MS, 2018), People counting in surveillance video.
- Jimit Patel (MS, 2018), Fake news detection on Twitter.
- Madeeha Khan (UG, 2018), Searching keywords over encrypted audio data.
- Avyuk Dixit (High-school intern, 2017), A study of phishing attacks.
- Priyanka Singh (Postdoc, 2017), Security and privacy in cloud-based systems.
- Neha Sharma (Research Intern, 2017), Secure PDF merging.
- Mahesh Mittal (MS, 2017), An application for GPS data processing.
- Padmavathi Iyer (MS, 2017), Email spoofing detection using volatile memory forensics.
- Meley Kifleyesus (UG, 2016), A web application for homomorphic secret sharing.
- Ashok Chakravarthy Thota (MS, 2016), Malicious browser extensions.
- Ketan Gunjal (MS, 2016), PDF metadata analysis.
- Sneha Reddy Banala (MS, 2016), Secure online image editor.
- Vimalkumar Chellam (MS, 2016), PDF secret sharing.
- Shashank Arora (MS, 2016), Secure cloud-based document editing.
- Amol Shete (MS, 2016), A mobile app for web phishing detection.
- Aaron Champagne (MS, 2016), A study of secure pdf merging.
- Lakshay Anand (UG, 2016), Secure online pdf merging.
- Kaliel Williamson (UG, 2016), A secure emailing framework. [Based on this work, this student received an Excellence in Innovation and Discovery Award from UAlbany]
- Anthony Paradiso (MS, 2015), Secure cloud-based JPEG image scaling and cropping.
- Odd-Arild Kristensen (MS, 2015), Secure cloud-based video editing.
- Venkat Niladhuri (MS, 2015), Secure email architecture.

Other past students:
Luan Xu (MS, 2017), Gokul Ambigapathy (MS, 2017), Vishal Agarwal (MS, 2017), Harish Sheelamanthula (MS, 2016), Shibani Prabhakar (MS, 2015), Ritika Singh (MS, 2015), Laura Stalker (MS, 2015), Jeel Patel (MS, 2014).

@ University of Ottawa:
- Shally Bhardwaj (2015) (Co-supervised with Prof. Abed El Saddik) [Thesis topic: Personality assessment using multiple online social networks] (Presently - working in Greater Toronto area)

@ University of Winnipeg:
- Abukari M. Yakubu (2015) [Thesis topic: Secure Cloud-based audio storage and processing] (Presently - Software Developer at Agronomix Software Inc, Winnipeg, Canada)
- Ashish Tripathi (2015) [Thesis topic: Personality assessment and its role in persuasion in social networks] (Presently - IT Consultant at Integrationworx in Winnipeg, Canada)
- Bakul Trehan (2015) [Thesis topic: A framework for anonymous surveillance] (Presently - Software Developer with Varian Medical Systems, Winnipeg, Canada)
- Qianjia Huang (2015) [Thesis topic: Cyber bullying detection using social netwroks analysis] (Presently - PhD student at University of Ottawa)
- Kasun Senevirathna (2014) [A secure and privacy-aware cloud-based architecture for online social networks] (Presently - Information Systems Business Analyst, Winnipeg Police Service, Winnipeg)
- Shreelatha Bhadravati (2014)(Co-supervised with Dr. M. Khabbazian) [Thesis topic: Scalable secret sharing of multimedia] (Presently - Software Developer at Protegra, Winnipeg, MB, Canada)
- Ankita Lathey (Bhardwaj) (2014) [Thesis topic: Secure image enhancement over cloud] (Presently - Data Architect at Pacific Blue Cross, Vancouver, BC, Canada)
- Nishant Joshi (Visiting MS Student from National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, India, September 2012 - February 2013) (Secruity in wireless sensor networks) (Presently - Assistant Professor at Jain College of Engineering, Mysore, India)
- Robert Bisewski (2012) [Thesis topic: Modeling, simulation and analysis of a weaponry-equipped camera surveillance system] (Presently - Data Analyst at Vaccine and Drug Evaluation Centre, Winnipeg, Canada)
- Khaled Amriki (2012) [Thesis topic: A scientific approach for the placement of surveillance cameras on a bus] (Presently - IT Developer at ICAD (the Innovative Contractors for Advanced Dimensions) in Saudi Arabia)
- Saeed Alharthi (2011) [Thesis topic: Improved methods for secret image and video sharing] (Presently - PhD student University of Ottawa)

Undergraduate Students:

@ University at Albany, SUNY:
- Madeeha Khan (Honors Thesis) [Encrypted domain audio keyword search]
- Neha Sharma (Intern, 2017)[Online PDf merge in encrypted domain] (Presently - Software Engineer at 99acres, Noida, India)
- Kaliel Williamson (2016) [Secure emailing] (Presently - Software Developer at Fintech, New York City
@ University of Winnipeg:
- Kshtij Kansal (Intern, 2014) [Encrypted domain scaling/cropping of JPEG2000 images] (Presently - Software Engineer at Epic Health Services, Verona, Wisconsin, USA)
- James Colp (2014) (Presently - Software Developer at Great-West Life, Winnipeg)
- Taylor Budzan (2013-14) (Presently - Associate System Analyst at Canada Life, Winnipeg)
- Adam Rehill (2012) (Presently - Intermediate Consultant & Software Developer at Online Business Systems)
- Michael Moski (2012) [An intuitive touch screen interface for car remote control] (Presently - Business Analyst at Priceline Partner Network and Owner at Hill Street Works, Winnipeg)
- Kevin Hildebrand (2011) [Text secret sharing]
- Michael Saull (2010)
- Laura Horosko (2010)
- Yizhe Zeng (2010)
- Spencer Guest (2009)
- Weiguo Zhang (2009)
- Vitali Unke (2009)

Last updated: June 28, 2022.